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Shulman PB

Font Family by Pink Broccoli

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Shulman PB was inspired by the title lettering on the 1st Edition paperbacks for Max Shulman's "Anyone Got a Match?" from 1965. The lettering has a friendly and animated feel with unicase styling. These are truly the types of lettering styles that speak to me, and I was thrilled to be able to bring it to life and do the original title lettering justice. For the fun of it, I dedicated it in namesake to the author of the book.

This typeface screams fun and frolick, with that little hint of risque humor that was a signature trait of so many pulp paperbacks. Get your copy today and just go with it!

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Shulman PB

Font Style by Pink Broccoli

1 Font Style from $16 $11.20

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