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RUMSPRINGA is a bright and cheerful Modern font with energy and versatility. Contrasting thin and thick strokes are combined with bouncy ball terminals for a musical feel. And there are lots of alternate characters so you can determine how much bounce you want and discretionary ligatures to add variety automatically. RUMPRINGA PRIME is an alternate version of the font with some uppercase letters taking on lowercase forms, as seen in the bottom row, a popular mid-century typographic trope. RUMSPRINGA was inspired by an analog font of the 1960s called Spring.

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2 Fonts Included

Rumspringa Prime  |  View All 358 Glyphs

Rumspringa Prime

Rumspringa Regular  |  View All 368 Glyphs

Rumspringa Regular

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Font Family by Harold's Fonts

2 Font Styles from $19.95

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