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Rough Love, it's fair to say, came before Love Script. The brushed letter specimens that would ultimately serve as the template for the much ?cleaner? Love Script have now been turned into a typeface. As I packed these up, I just kept coming back to them and staring at the texture and movement caught on the page. On a lark, I decided it would be fun to let people see an almost a before and after scenario of how one led to the other and decided to produce a typeface from these specimens? Rough Love.

For the most part, in typical fashion for me when I brush out a typeface idea, I try to brush the entire character set along with each of the planned variants for swashes, titling, and other alternates'the reason for that is simple -- each letter looks and acts a bit differently when the same movements are imposed on them. With Rough Love, I tried to adhere to that and made very few modifications to the originals, and only had to ?borrow? in a few occasions when I happened to forget to brush a variant.

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Rough Love

Font Style by Positype

1 Font Style from $27.50

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