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ROBERTA is a digital interpretation of Bob Trogman's delightful Art Nouveau analog original. This classic font suggests elegance and fun, exoticism and friendliness.

Bob's story: ?I originally hand cut this font in 1962. It is based on a Belgian restaurant sign. I named it after my daughter Roberta. Many Mexican food companies used this font, but they didn't know it was from Europe. Dan Solo was going to digitize it for me, but he retired from the font business last year. Just give me credit for the design and it is all yours to do what you want.? And you can hear Bob here:

Thanks, Bob, for letting me taking a shot at recreating your beautiful fonts!

Later I found an example of ROBERTA RAISED SHADOW in a book and just had to make it too. I also made a special version of regular Roberta, adapted for use as a fill with the basic shadow font.

And now, thanks to the receipt of a scan from a vintage catalog and more assistance from Bob, I have recreated ROBERTA ITALIC, ROBERTA BLACK, ROBERTA FANCY, ROBERTA LIGHT (formerly Roberta II) and ROBERTA INITIALS (Roberta III) , all in the same curvilinear vein with some surprising differences.

Roberta Regular, Italic, Light, and Black contain full upper and lowercase, numbers, symbols and international characters. Like the originals, Roberta Raised Shadow & Fill, Roberta Fancy and Roberta Initials do not have lowercase; the Roberta Black can be paired with the latter two.

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8 Fonts Included

Roberta Regular  |  View All 223 Glyphs

Roberta Regular

from $19.95

Roberta Black  |  View All 223 Glyphs

Roberta Black

from $19.95

Roberta Fancy Caps  |  View All 212 Glyphs

Roberta Fancy Caps

from $19.95

Roberta Light  |  View All 213 Glyphs

Roberta Light

from $19.95

Roberta Italic  |  View All 228 Glyphs

Roberta Italic

from $19.95

Roberta Initials  |  View All 213 Glyphs

Roberta Initials

from $19.95

Roberta Raised Shadow  |  View All 222 Glyphs

Roberta Raised Shadow

from $19.95

Roberta Raised Shadow Fill  |  View All 223 Glyphs

Roberta Raised Shadow Fill

from $19.95

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Font Family by Harold's Fonts

8 Font Styles from $60

Buy Now