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Powder Script

Font Family by Fenotype

Includes 5 Font Styles from $65

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Powder Script is a showy brush style script family of three weights -regular, bold and black plus matching Ornament and Pattern set. Powder Script is packed with almost 800 glyphs per weight and is full of features. To activate alternate characters click on Swash, Stylistic or Titling Alternates in any OpenType savvy program or manually select from even more characters from the Glyph Palette.

Inside each weight is a set of block capitals that you can activate by turning on Small Caps. You can use Small Caps to create evenly lined text blocks to support your design. Engage Powder Ornaments and Powder Patterns to complete your designs while using Powder Script.

For the best price purchase the complete Powder Script Family.

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5 Fonts Included

Powder Script Patterns  |  View All 54 Glyphs

Powder Script Patterns

from $20

Powder Script Ornaments  |  View All 104 Glyphs

Powder Script Ornaments

from $20

Powder Script Black  |  View All 785 Glyphs

Powder Script Black

from $35

Powder Script Bold  |  View All 785 Glyphs

Powder Script Bold

from $35

Powder Script Regular  |  View All 785 Glyphs

Powder Script Regular

from $35

Save 55% ($80) when you buy the full family!

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Powder Script

Font Family by Fenotype

5 Font Styles from $65

Buy Now