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Plague Master

Font Family by Hanoded

Includes 2 Font Styles from $25

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I had a bit of a crazy week when I thought up an drew this font. I broke my arm during kickboxing training on monday, leaving me in a cast - unable to do most everyday things, like getting a good night's sleep (try sleeping with a humongous cast on your arm). Thank goodness, it is my left arm, so I can still draw letters and use my laptop.

So? this font has been made entirely using one arm! It is a bit of a horror font - it sort of sums up my mood right now. Glyphs have very little spacing, adding to the evil look of Plague Master.

Comes with a lethal amount of diacritics.

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2 Fonts Included

Plague Master Italic  |  View All 358 Glyphs

Plague Master Italic

from $15

Plague Master Regular  |  View All 358 Glyphs

Plague Master Regular

from $15

Save 16% ($5) when you buy the full family!

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Plague Master

Font Family by Hanoded

2 Font Styles from $25

Buy Now