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Font Family by Great Lakes Lettering

Includes 7 Font Styles from $100

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Petunia is a calligraphy style font designed by New York based calligrapher Eliza Gwendalyn.

Her modern copperplate script has been a style she has been developing throughout her career. Her angelic flourishes and bouncy style are widely influenced by Eliza's favorite childhood character Alice in Wonderland falling down the rabbit hole. She pairs her elegant script with a traditional sans serif and serif which is based on Eliza's everyday handwriting. The name ?Petunia' acquired from her childhood nickname her parents called her which was only fitting to choose as the name of her font that was derived from her childhood fantasies. Widely known in the wedding industry, she curated this font family for industry professionals with a versatile array of styles: a script, a bold script, sans serif, sans serif italic, serif, serif italic, and specially calligraphy words & ornaments making this a total package for all types of designers.

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7 Fonts Included

Petunia Script Regular  |  View All 435 Glyphs

Petunia Script Regular

from $40

Petunia Ornaments  |  View All 58 Glyphs

Petunia Ornaments

from $10

Petunia Serif Italic  |  View All 267 Glyphs

Petunia Serif Italic

from $20

Petunia Serif  |  View All 267 Glyphs

Petunia Serif

from $20

Petunia Sans Italic  |  View All 285 Glyphs

Petunia Sans Italic

from $20

Petunia Sans  |  View All 285 Glyphs

Petunia Sans

from $20

Petunia Script Bold  |  View All 436 Glyphs

Petunia Script Bold

from $40

Save 41% ($70) when you buy the full family!

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Font Family by Great Lakes Lettering

7 Font Styles from $100

Buy Now