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Font Family by Autographis

Includes 6 Font Styles from $79.50

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Obsession has taken me completely in its spell. I could go on forever creating new forms for this script. But I have other fonts to do, so this is as far as my obsession goes for the moment. There are six different cuts and all letters can be mixed.

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6 Fonts Included

Obsession F  |  View All 318 Glyphs

Obsession F

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Obsession E  |  View All 433 Glyphs

Obsession E

Obsession D  |  View All 433 Glyphs

Obsession D

Obsession C  |  View All 435 Glyphs

Obsession C

Obsession B  |  View All 433 Glyphs

Obsession B

Obsession A  |  View All 434 Glyphs

Obsession A

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Font Family by Autographis

6 Font Styles from $79.50

Buy Now