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Font Family by Insigne

Includes 7 Font Styles from $49.99

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Get in the swing with Metairie. This high-contrast script from Jeremy Dooley sets the rhythm for your next headline or short phrase with its fresh, expressive forms.

Metairie's (sometimes exaggerated) scrawled letterforms play on the colorful world of calligraphy to bring you a fully developed personality of its own. Inspired by elixirs and pharmaceuticals of the 1800s, this design has forms that dig down deep to the soul. It brings a unique, vibrant feel for your next message.

The typeface supports all major Latin languages, and the expanded OpenType capabilities let you slide elements easily and quickly into your design. Metairie also includes a number of distressed options.

Improv a bit, too, with Metairie's decorative ornaments, variations on the fleur de lis. Ornaments and tails are accessed through the glyph palette or using the Swash function. An extensive set of ligatures gives you more options for humanizing the handwriting on the page.

Then take it up a notch by using the glyph palette to find the perfect solution for project. You have full access to this amazing capability with InDesign, Illustrator, QuarkXpress and similar software. We recommend that you explore what this font can offer by using the glyph palette. Get a glimpse of ?'the font's strength by looking over the brochure in PDF format in the "Gallery" section.

Ready to step in? Take a stab at your next design with Metairie. It could be just the color you need.

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7 Fonts Included

Metairie Wood  |  View All 628 Glyphs

Metairie Wood

from $24.99

Metairie Rough  |  View All 628 Glyphs

Metairie Rough

from $24.99

Metairie Regular  |  View All 628 Glyphs

Metairie Regular

from $24.99

Metairie Print  |  View All 628 Glyphs

Metairie Print

from $24.99

Metairie Jean  |  View All 628 Glyphs

Metairie Jean

from $24.99

Metairie Hand  |  View All 628 Glyphs

Metairie Hand

from $24.99

Metairie Halftone  |  View All 628 Glyphs

Metairie Halftone

from $24.99

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Font Family by Insigne

7 Font Styles from $49.99

Buy Now