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Melody Maker

Font Family by Harold's Fonts

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Melody Maker lets you set type that looks like musical notation! The complete font includes some clefs, notes, and more to create musical headlines, captions, and logos. In addition to the font as shown at the left, there are also Notes Only and Staff Only version so you can mix colors, set the text on a curve, or make up your own staff!

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3 Fonts Included

Melody Maker  |  View All 382 Glyphs

Melody Maker

Melody Maker Staff Only  |  View All 376 Glyphs

Melody Maker Staff Only

Melody Maker Notes Only  |  View All 381 Glyphs

Melody Maker Notes Only

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Melody Maker

Font Family by Harold's Fonts

3 Font Styles from $19.95

Buy Now