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Font Family by Isaco Type

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Mayence is the French name of Mainz, German city where Johannes Gutenberg was born. It's a manuscript font inspired in the author's calligraphy, with an angular structure, marked by a certain impulsiveness. Besides being a continuous-line font, Mayence explores some deviations and imperfections in the calligraphy practice, as accumulations of paint and anomalies in the thickness variation, characteristics which gives it more naturality.

Its main difference is the set of over 430 ligatures (Premium version), based on the research and selection of important character sequences, rather frequent in several languages. For this, a study was done about the diphthongs, triphthongs and di-tri-tetra-pentagraphs more common in languages such as English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Hungarian, Croatian, among others. Ligatures with up to 2 characters are enabled by default and with more than 2 characters are enabled by the Discretionary Ligatures option.

Mayence also contains several ligatures based on common words in English and Spanish, exclusive ligatures with numbers and another standard, discretionary, historic and Unicode ligatures. It has 9 different ampersands (&), which can be chosen by the user according to the application context. When you enable the Titling Alternates (in OpenType-savvy programs), these 9 ampersand styles are converted to their forms of seal, with different purposes of use.

To enrich your graphic applications, Mayence brings the Ornaments Version, for construction of impressive lines, borders, textures and the geometric shapes that you want, according to your creativity!

To see the features available in each version, open or download the User Guide pdf, in the Gallery section. All text fonts are available in OpenType PS format and have extended character set to support CE, Baltic, Turkish, as well as Western European languages and additional Celtic characters.

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5 Fonts Included

Mayence Ornaments  |  View All 77 Glyphs

Mayence Ornaments

from $9

Mayence Text  |  View All 532 Glyphs

Mayence Text

from $21

Mayence Standard  |  View All 531 Glyphs

Mayence Standard

from $24

Mayence Plus  |  View All 665 Glyphs

Mayence Plus

from $32

Mayence Premium  |  View All 893 Glyphs

Mayence Premium

from $39

Save 16% ($20.60) when you buy the full family!

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Font Family by Isaco Type

5 Font Styles from $104.40

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