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Font Family by Fontalicious

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The first thing of course is that this font falls right in to place as Valentine's Day arrives. Let's take a moment, shall we? Valentine's Day is the dirtiest holiday celebrated. While most holidays deal with a celebration of the Lord in some way or another, this holiday deals with hittin' it. You know, knockin' the boots, doin' it, hiding the salami. You buy cards and candy for that special ladyfriend and act all silly. Girls really get into this holiday. The only guys that love Valentine's Day are old married men, junior highers, and dudes who have been married for one year. But I will guarantee that everyone will get into this font, which looks the best at large headline sizes, since its got the outline. It also is chocked full of international characters, although I'm not telling you it has them all. I get lazy and just quit in the middle. So you can try and make a pretty card for your internet girlfriend in Nigeria.

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Font Style by Fontalicious

1 Font Style from $19.95

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