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Katsudon is a Japanese crumbed and deep fried pork cutlet, typically served on rice with egg drizzled over it. There is also a chicken variety.
I have been to Japan numerous times (it is my favorite country) and each time I reveled in the great variety of foods being served in street stalls and hole-in-the-wall eateries. I especially love the grandma-and-grandpa eateries that are tucked away in alleys behind the major shopping streets. They never speak English and my Japanese is shaky (to say the least), but the food is always good and we always seem to understand each other. This year, I couldn't travel to Japan, because of the Covid outbreak, but I can tell you that I miss Japan a lot!

Katsudon is a crumbed and deep fried font. It comes with a splash of authenticity, a sprinkling of cheekiness and a generous dose of oomph. Oh, yeah, and double letter ligatures, plus a few alternates as well.

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Katsudon Italic  |  View All 383 Glyphs

Katsudon Italic

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Katsudon Regular

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Font Family by Hanoded

2 Font Styles from $25

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