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Font Family by Tom Chalky

Includes 6 Font Styles from $16

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Introducing the handcrafted Jovial Font Family (6 fonts!). Jovial was designed to be friendly, fun, quirky and eye catching. Jovial is available in both Serif and Sans-Serif, each coming with three weights: Light, Regular and Bold.

Bonus Design Elements - I have handcrafted a bunch of complementing vector design elements that you can use in your projects in combination with this lovely font family.

Stylistic Alternatives make Jovial truly special. Do you want your letters to have a lower or a higher handle? How about an oblique handle? No problem. Jovial offers you up to four stylistics alternatives for the letters that we use the most.

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6 Fonts Included

Jovial Sans Light  |  View All 236 Glyphs

Jovial Sans Light

Jovial Sans Bold  |  View All 239 Glyphs

Jovial Sans Bold

Jovial Sans  |  View All 241 Glyphs

Jovial Sans

Jovial Light  |  View All 238 Glyphs

Jovial Light

Jovial Bold  |  View All 237 Glyphs

Jovial Bold

Jovial Regular  |  View All 237 Glyphs

Jovial Regular

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Font Family by Tom Chalky

6 Font Styles from $16

Buy Now