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Integrity Pro

Font Family by JY&A

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Because of the need for a new condensed serif font family, Jack Yan created this individualistic style of typefaces complete with one of the largest collections of unusual ligatures available at the time of launch in the mid-1990s. As well as the usual selection of double-f and ct, JY&A has provided gr, gt, ty, and other ligatures for JY Integrity Roman and Italic.

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6 Fonts Included

Integrity Bold Italic  |  View All 349 Glyphs

Integrity Bold Italic

from $45

Integrity Bold  |  View All 359 Glyphs

Integrity Bold

from $45

Integrity Medium Italic  |  View All 363 Glyphs

Integrity Medium Italic

from $45

Integrity Medium  |  View All 380 Glyphs

Integrity Medium

from $45

Integrity Italic  |  View All 430 Glyphs

Integrity Italic

from $49

Integrity Roman  |  View All 519 Glyphs

Integrity Roman

from $49

Save 19% ($53) when you buy the full family!

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Integrity Pro

Font Family by JY&A

6 Font Styles from $225

Buy Now