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Houdini was extemporized from the single word ?Houdini? on a lithographed poster for the magician. The original was a shaded outline like our Houdini Shaded font, but we felt that a solid version would be worthwhile too.

Like the companion font Houdini, the shaded version was created from the single word Houdini on an old lithographed poster for the famous magician. The original was hand-lettered by a litho lettering artist.

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2 Fonts Included

Houdini Shaded  |  View All 200 Glyphs

Houdini Shaded

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Houdini Regular  |  View All 256 Glyphs

Houdini Regular

from $19.95

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Font Family by Solotype

2 Font Styles from $37.90

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