Hawaii Summer

Font Style by Gravitype

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Hawaii Summer is a fresh and playful display font, designed to bring a unique style to your project.

Its natural look makes it perfect to be integrated into exotic environments, thanks to the warm vibes that its lines transmit.

It is suitable for multiple situations, like: food and beverage, bar signs, packaging, t-shirts, flyers, magazines, posters, ad campaigns, social media, banners, etc . . .

Stylistic alternates are included for letters:

• ?m? to be the inverse of ?w? and thus be more symmetrical, for example, if a logo design requires it
• ?p? and ?r? with a slightly decreased contrast to appear neater, especially for big size text like headlines

Hawaii Summer supports multiple languages to be tourist-friendly ;)

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Hawaii Summer

Font Style by Gravitype

1 Font Style from $14.90

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