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Goofball is yet another wacky decorative typeface from Squid and Sideshow. As with most of his art and font design, Goofball is derived from Squid's cluttered childhood recollections of greeting card and advertising lettering. Somehow it got all mushed together in his noggin and out came Goofball!

Goofball and Goofball Alternate each contain their own totally unique lowercase characters and can be intermixed to create a unique look! Buy both as part of the Goofball Family and save a buck 'er two!

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Goofball Alternate  |  View All 229 Glyphs

Goofball Alternate

from $29.95

Goofball  |  View All 229 Glyphs


from $29.95

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Font Family by Sideshow

2 Font Styles from $49.95

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