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Gladly Mailed

Font Family by Dear Alison

Includes 1 Font Style from $19

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Remember when you wrote little love notes in elementary school by a handwritten note and you broke up with that same someone by note and thought that was personal? Well, the handwritten note added that personal touch, but you know better now, right? Handwriting fonts can give any design a personalized "feel" to them, and Gladly Mailed does just that with all of the quirkiness of a skippy ballpoint pen. There's something about handwriting that is hard to ignore, even those marketing letters you get in the mail that look half typed and half hand written. Handwriting speaks to us on a deeper level. You'll find Gladly Mailed loaded with an extensive character set to swap out duplicate letters and create a more authentic handwritten feel, and included as a BONUS in this set is Gladly Mailed Two which swaps the alternate and original characters of Gladly Mailed, so that if you prefer the alternate lettering set to be the primary typed letters, you can easily have it either way. Speak to your audience on a deeper level by buying Gladly Mailed today!

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Gladly Mailed

Font Style by Dear Alison

1 Font Style from $19

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