Gimbel Script

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The Gimbel Script typeface was inspired by a monoline, semi-connected script from a 1930's holiday greeting card. From its ascenders and descenders that stretch high and low to its gentle curviness. Gimbel Script exudes the elegance of a bygone era while standing on a thin line between formal and casual lettering styles.

Gimbel Script Opentype features include:

- Swash Alternates for an alternate M and N.
- Stylistic Alternates & SS01-SS06 Stylesets for 151 varying forms.
- 219 Ligatures for a smoother typesetting experience, along with 181 initial, middle and final forms.
- Full set of Inferiors and Superiors for Limitless Fractions.
- Proportional, Tabular and Oldstyle figure sets.

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Gimbel Script

Font Style by Stiggy & Sands

1 Font Style from $39

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