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Fishwrapper is a three-member font family (Regular, Bold, and Italic) designed to replicate the look of authentic vintage newspaper typography. The fonts are rough and are meant to be used at newspaper sizes. All three fonts have a complete alternate alphabet built in: using the Contextual Alternates feature will automatically substitute alternate versions of most glyphs, so that identical characters do not appear side by side, thus helping to create the look of metal type. Fishwrapper Regular has a complete set of small caps built in. Each font features assorted rule lines and other decorative material, many accessible through the discretionary ligature OpenType feature (three em dashes in a row, for example, will become a rule line), as well as fractions and a full international character set. Used in conjunction with some of E-phemera's vintage headline fonts, the Fishwrapper family is intended as a complete vintage newspaper and job-printing type solution.

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Fishwrapper Italic  |  View All 419 Glyphs

Fishwrapper Italic

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Fishwrapper Bold  |  View All 407 Glyphs

Fishwrapper Bold

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Fishwrapper  |  View All 479 Glyphs


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Font Family by E-phemera Fonts

3 Font Styles from $50

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