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Enamel is an inline bold condensed sans based on a modified version of Sorren. The original letterforms have been customized and carefully adapted to accommodate the monolinear inlay. The dual layers that make up Enamel are united as one with the Inline style, yet are available as separate styles for managing multicolor use.

Stylistically, Enamel expands on Sorren's classic, timeless feel with the inline detailing exuding a feel reminiscent of traditional lettering and signage art. For more contemporary, experimental applications the two extreme layer styles can be used independently of each other extending its use beyond tradition.

Features include:

Standard Ligatures set including 'f' ligatures (ff, fi, fj, fl, ffi, ffj, ffl, ae, oe, AE, OE)
Discretionary Ligatures set including (No [numero])
Alternate characters (Aringacute, hcircumflex, and numero sign)
Case forms (shifts various punctuation marks up to a position that works better with all-capital sequences)
Capital Spacing (globally adjusts inter-glyph spacing for all-capital text)
Slashed zero
Full set of numerators/denominators superior/inferior numerals
Tabular Lining, Proportional Lining, Tabular Oldstyle and Proportional Oldstyle Figures
Automatic fraction feature (supports any fraction combination)

Extended language support (Latin-1 and Latin Extended-A)

*Requires an application with OpenType and/or Unicode support.

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3 Fonts Included

Enamel Line  |  View All 583 Glyphs

Enamel Line

Enamel Inline  |  View All 583 Glyphs

Enamel Inline

Enamel Base  |  View All 583 Glyphs

Enamel Base

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Font Family by Reserves

3 Font Styles from $49

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