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Dez Boulder

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A Bold Display Family in Three Personalities: ego, id, and alter.

Dez Boulder works like a character actor, presenting the author's lines but not with the deadpan delivery of a news reporter. Boulder develops the role, adding meaning through facial expression, gesture, and body language.

The Dez Boulder family of display faces acts in a supporting role to give meaning to message and context to content. It is a very bold face, not understated. Each of its three personalities (and their sub-personalities) have a different timbre to speak the nuance of your message in a bold voice.

Dez Boulder averages more than 800 glyphs per style with uppercase, lowercase, small caps, proportional lining figures, small cap figures, superiors, inferiors, fractions, stylistic sets, alternates, ordinals, case specific punctuation, and more. It has a full range of diacritics and covers all European languages using the Latin script.

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3 Fonts Included

Dez Boulder alter  |  View All 836 Glyphs

Dez Boulder alter

from $39

Dez Boulder ego  |  View All 803 Glyphs

Dez Boulder ego

from $39

Dez Boulder id  |  View All 782 Glyphs

Dez Boulder id

from $10

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Dez Boulder

Font Family by Dezcom

3 Font Styles from $69

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