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Filmotype Alice Family

Font Bundle by Filmotype

Includes 2 Font Styles from $49

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Filmotype Alice marks the beginnings of the casual handwritten script aesthetic. Introduced by Filmotype in the late 1950s, it perfectly captures the mid-century playfulness of hand lettering while providing comfortable readability.

Filmotype Brooklyn picks off where her younger sister Filmotype Alice left off. Without the ability to embolden type photographically using its machine, Filmotype Introduced a customer requested bold weight of Filmotype Alice in the late 1950s.

Each font was traced from scratch using the original font filmstrips and includes a full international character compliment, automatic fractionals, ordinals, and a host of alternate characters in dynamic OpenType format.

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2 Fonts Included

Filmotype Alice  |  View All 418 Glyphs

Filmotype Alice

from $29

Filmotype Brooklyn  |  View All 418 Glyphs

Filmotype Brooklyn

from $29

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Filmotype Alice Family

Font Bundle by Filmotype

2 Font Styles from $49

Buy Now