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MFC Capulet Monograms
MFC Capulet Monograms

About: The inspiration source for MFC Capulet Monogram is an alphabet set from the book, Monograms and Alphabets for Combination by Dollfus Mieg & Cie, first published in the 1890s. What began as 26 referenced outline/shadowed letters became an over 800 character font in order to create its unique interwoven monogram effect! Expanding on the theme even more, MFC Capulet Monogram also includes a series of Chromatic Layering fonts to create even more customization options.

Capulet Monogram can create one, two, or three letter monograms as well as a unique two letter intertwined monogram style - made by simply typing a lowercase immediately followed by a Capital (using OpenType Ligatures). Classic decorative letterforms combine to make elegant monograms, and you can also choose to type in all capitals or all lowercase for simple title and headlines as well. (Note that due to the manner in which combination monograms are formed, some letters like the "I" will change to script-like forms to avoid being hidden in overlaps).

MFC Capulet Monogram is the original Outline/Shadowed style. MFC Capulet Monogram Solid is a version with the original outline filled in. MFC Capulet Monogram One is the Capital letterforms only in both standard and ligature glyphs. MFC Capulet Monogram Two is the Lowercase letterforms only in both standard and ligature glyphs. MFC Capulet Monogram Stencil contains the inner fill of the original Outline/Shadowed style, and while the standard Capitals & Lowercase do not appear as stencil in style, the ligatures are.

Tags: 1800s, Font, Monograms, branding, elegant, embroidery, interwoven, wedding

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