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Heroe Font Monoline Big Std
Heroe Font Monoline Big Std Heroe Font Monoline Big Std Heroe Font Monoline Big Std Heroe Font Monoline Big Std Heroe Font Monoline Big Std

About: Now my feelings about didones are more than evident. After some years of roman-abstinence (1) I present Heroe, an interesting combination of elegance and sensuality.

Heroe, spanish for hero, takes some aspects of roman typefaces to the extreme like my main inspiration, the great Herb Lubalin, did in the majority of his works: Thins turned into hairlines, altered proportions (for display purposes), unique ball terminals, poetic curves and a graceful way of placing them together on a layout.

Its classy style makes the font perfect for a wide range of uses. Imagine Heroe Inline (my favorite) dancing over a bottle of perfume; printed on the cover of a fashion magazine; lighting wedding invitations up.

Its partner, Heroe Monoline, may help you to make more elaborated pieces of design. Just combine it with Heroe, or Heroe Inline and see how perfect they match.


The difference between Pro and Std styles is the quantity of glyphs. While Pro styles have all the decorative characters available, Standard ones have only the basic set of them.

Heroe Monoline Big and Heroe Monoline Small where made for better printing purposes. If you need to print the font in small sizes, then your choice should be Small.

Heroe Monoline has the same alternates (and open-type code) as Heroe Pro and Inline, plus some decorative ligatures.


(1) After fonts like Breathe, Aire, and the award winning Reina, I started experimenting with scripts a little more. Erotica, Bird Script and Dream Script are examples of that.

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