ShinnType was founded in 1999 by Toronto-based, London-born art director and type designer Nick Shinn. Prior to this, his type designs had been published by a number of companies, most notably in the FontFont library. Nick has designed over 20 typefaces, including FF Fontesque. His Walburn and Brown are on view in Canada’s daily newspaper The Globe and Mail, for which they were commissioned, and his 2001 design of the Richler typeface made the front page of the National Post and the Montreal Gazette — as a news item.

He also speaks and writes frequently on type and design, has taught at York University in Toronto, and is a board member of the Society of Typographic Aficionados, in which capacity he was one of the organizers of TypeCon2002, in Toronto.


Handsome Pro
Goodchild Bold
Figgins Sans Extra Bold
Figgins Sans Bold
Figgins Sans
Duffy Script Extra Bold
Duffy Script Demi Bold
Duffy Script Bold
Duffy Script
Checker Regular
Brown Gothic Medium
Brown Gothic Thin
Brown Gothic Light
Brown Gothic Extra Bold Condensed
Brown Gothic Extra Bold
Brown Gothic Bold
Brown Gothic
Bodoni Egyptian Pro Ext Light
Bodoni Egyptian Pro Bold
Bodoni Egyptian Pro Thin
Bodoni Egyptian Pro Light
Bodoni Egyptian Pro Medium
Bodoni Egyptian Pro Ext Bold
Bodoni Egyptian Pro Black
Bodoni Egyptian Pro
Beaufort Pro Medium
Beaufort Pro Light
Beaufort Pro Heavy
Beaufort Pro Bold
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