An accomplished and award-winning typeface and lettering designer, my passion for the craft, devotion to precision as I refine my creations along with my desire to provide designers with type that’s rich with personality and versatility combine to form a body of work that offers practicality and aesthetic appeal. Each project is a journey that I undertake with enthusiasm and joyful discovery—and gratitude that my background in graphic design, calligraphy and typography have given me the opportunity to focus on what I love to do most.

My approach is unusual in that everything from original concept and drawings through production is mine. Rather than collaborate or look to historical predecessors, I craft original, lovingly handmade letters which form the base of my typeface designs.

I offer designs that are infused with both personality and the sense of a milieu or era, a moment captured from time or place and then transformed. Yet, rich as they are, I nearly always provide the tools to make the typeface package expansive—with an extraordinary number of alternates, ornaments and other Open Type features that a designer can, in effect, combine to make the typeface reflect their own personal style.

My home is in the Pacific Northwest. Nothing makes me happier in my professional life than spending my workday experimenting, conceiving, and painstakingly creating hand lettering for typefaces, sitting, dogs at my feet, surrounded by the trees.


Charcuterie Block
Charcuterie Catchwords
Charcuterie Contrast
Charcuterie Cursive
Charcuterie Deco
Charcuterie Engraved
Charcuterie Etched
Charcuterie Flared
Charcuterie Ornaments
Charcuterie Sans
Charcuterie Serif
Congenial Heavy
Congenial Italic
Congenial Regular
Congenial Ultra Light
Ed's Market Main Script
Ed's Market Narrow
Ed's Market Upright Script
Fairwater Sans Light
Fairwater Script Regular
Fairwater Solid Serif
Funkydori Bold
Gioviale Bold
Greeting Cards
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