Fontforecast was founded by Hanneke Classen in 2013 as a label of Storm Creative Consultancy (a Full Service Advertising Agency stationed in the Netherlands). She studied at the HAN, university of applied Sciences, in Nijmegen from 1980-1984. For a number of years she worked as a freelance designer in the broadest sense of the term. Via stage design, game concepts, illustrations and visualizing, she specialized in graphic design and desktop publishing. After working for an advertising agency, for international clients such as Volkswagen and Suzuki for many years, she eventually became partner at Storm Creative Consultancy. Here she dived into the world of type design, soon was hooked and started the font foundry Fontforecast as a separate label of Storm Creative Consultancy. She currently combines type design with her activities as a graphic designer.


Stylist Pro Ornaments
Stylist Pro Light
Snow Cone Pro Doodle
Snow Cone Pro Line
Snow Cone Pro Regular
Salt And Spices Mono SC Serif
Salt And Spices Mono SC
Salt And Spices Mono Regular
Santa's Pen Outline
Santa's Pen Red
Perron No 2 Italic
Perron No 1
Tyfoon Sans Light
Tyfoon Sans Regular
Tyfoon Script Bold
Tyfoon Script Light
Wallet Felt
Wallet Chalk
Wingman Brush Extra
Wingman Serif Solid
Wingman Brush
Wingman Brush Vintage
Graduate Ornaments
Graduate Script
Salt & Spices Pro SC Serif
Salt & Spices Pro SC
Salt & Spices Pro Regular
Chameleon Sketch Extra
Chameleon Pen Italic
Chameleon Basic
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