Blambot Comics Fonts was founded in 1999 by Graphic Designer / Illustrator, Nate Piekos. Since then Blambot has become a staple in the comic creation industry, appearing in books published by Marvel, Dark Horse, Oni, Image and independent comics world-wide. Blambot has licensed font designs to such companies as Microsoft, The Gap and Sierra Software, as well as being the type designer for Harvey Award Winning comic artist, Mike “Madman” Allred.


SkyClad Gothic BB
Sangre BB
Monsterific BB
Mjollnir BB
Longbow BB
Irish Stout BB
Hellfire BB
Dominatrix BB
Catholic School Girls Intl BB
Bloody Murder BB
AveAve BB
Afterlife BB
After Dark BB
Zooom BB
Web Letterer Pro BB
Tough As Nails BB
Stupid Head BB
Stronghold BB
Squarejaw Intl BB
Spellbreaker BB
Snakeoil Salesman BB
Skin Deep BB
Silver Bullet BB
Silver Age BB
Shrunken Head BB
Shore Leave BB
Secret Origins BB
Scream Queen BB
Sans Sanity BB
Revenger BB
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