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Vena Amoris Vena Amoris Vena Amoris Vena Amoris
Vena Amoris Vena Amoris Vena Amoris Vena Amoris

About: A letter written by her great-great-grandfather in response to a request to marry his daughter is what inspired nationally recognized calligrapher and letterpress printer Kathryn Podorsky to create a typeface dedicated to love and matrimony. The letter was not only beautiful contextually, but exquisitely penned and epitomized the delightful charm of the New Orleans people of that period.

Vena Amoris, or “Vein of Love” refers to a phrase coined by Henry Swinburne in his A Treatise of Espousal published in 1686. Vena Amoris also refers to the fourth finger on the left hand which was traditionally believed to contain a vein running directly to the heart — hence “the ring finger.”

As a digital font, Vena Amoris boasts an extensive Latin-based character set supporting 51 languages with stylistic and contextual alternates, ligatures, swash variants, positional forms, lining and oldstyle figures, embellished words with graceful flourishes, and ‘smart’ roman numerals cleverly programmed to convert regular numbers to the roman numeral system automatically. That’s right: no need to search the web for what the year is in roman numerals. All these features allow you to effortlessly add harmony and calligraphic beauty to your layout.

Use Vena Amoris for elegant wedding invitations and wine labels, fine chocolate and food packaging, perfume, jewelry, luxury linens, or anywhere a touch of elegance and refinement is needed.

Tags: Font, Formal Script, Historical, Swash

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