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Valliciergo Regular
Valliciergo Regular Valliciergo Regular Valliciergo Regular Valliciergo Regular Valliciergo Regular

About: This font is inspired by the samples of the booklet "Caligrafía inglesa" published in Madrid in the late nineteenth century by the spanish calligrapher Vicente Fernández Valliciergo. Hundred of new glyphs have been added, taking advantage of Opentype features. Ligatures, decorative figures, initials and final forms, inspired in the samples of English Calligraphy as shown in “The universal penman” by George Bickham have been added to the font. The result is Valliciergo, a font with more than 1000 glyphs, meant to be a useful tool to simulate the master strokes of the great calligraphers.

Tags: Casual Script, Font, Formal Script

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