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Transport New Transport New Transport New Transport New Transport New
Transport New Transport New Transport New Transport New Transport New

About: Transport New is a redrawing of the typeface designed for British road signs. In addition to the familiar Heavy weight (intended for dark text on a light background) and Medium weight (for white text which appears bolder against a dark background), the K-Type family includes the previously unreleased Light weight originally planned for back-lit signage but never actually applied.

The fonts include a full complement of Latin Extended-A characters, and to align Transport New with K-Type Motorway, the other typeface used for UK road signage, italic fonts for all three weights have been added.

All six fonts are included in the download.

Tags: 1960s, Grotesque, Signage, british, sans-serif

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Adequate Black + Black Italic
Adequate Bold + Bold Italic
Adequate Light + Light Italic
Adequate Medium + Medium Italic
Adequate Regular + Italic
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