Puffer PB Font Family by Pink Broccoli

Puffer PB Puffer PB Puffer PB Puffer PB Puffer PB
Puffer PB Puffer PB Puffer PB Puffer PB Puffer PB

About: A charmingly bloated graphic typestyle, Puffer PB started as a digitization of a film typeface family called Burton by LetterGraphics. It came with Light, Bold, Outline, and Shadow variants, which are all meticulously recreated for your typesetting pleasure and preserved for typographic oddity history. The various styles don’t overlay precisely lined up as shown in some of the poster graphics, these were manually tweaked to show potential playful options to combine the various styles (but will require some manual intervention.)

Riding the line of legibility, while flaunting a futuristic yet also retro vibe, any or all of the quirky Puffer PB family makes for a little spice in your type library.

Tags: animated, cartoon, comic, decorative, display, heading, offbeat, playful, wonky

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Pink Broccoli

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