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Plinth Plinth Plinth
Plinth Plinth Plinth

About: Hand-drawn by an architectural renderer’s daughter, Plinth is an craftsman-inspired font that leaves a strong and lasting impression. Both capital and lowercase letters have been designed for impacting display, but are also easily read in large blocks of text.

Plinth includes multi-language support as well as a variety of OpenType features including decorative alternate caps, double-letter ligatures, complete fractions, currency figures, and 4 stylistic sets.

Set One replaces commonly used titles (Mr., Mrs., Miss, Ms., and Dr.) with complementary hand-drawn versions.

Set Two replaces 8 commonly used prepositions (and, the, to, to the, or, of, for and at) with complementary wordforms.

Set Three seats counting contractions (1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc.) in their proper superscript place.

And Set Four provides a fancy alternate of both ampersand and asterisk.

Plinth is perfect for the designer, architect, or orderly list-maker in all of us.

Tags: Casual Script, Font, Handwritten

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