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Pennyroyal Pro Pennyroyal Pro Pennyroyal Pro Pennyroyal Pro Pennyroyal Pro
Pennyroyal Pro Pennyroyal Pro Pennyroyal Pro Pennyroyal Pro Pennyroyal Pro

About: A Historical Revival for Modern Typesetting Flair

Pennyroyal began as a Barnhart Brothers & Spindler typeface called Plymouth Bold, first cut in 1900. What began as a straightforward rustic typestyle has been revived to include a more extensive character set. But this font wasn’t just revived, it has come alive with character and personality.

Taking things further, Pennyroyal Pro adds in Unicase (stylistic alternates), Swashes (swash alternates), and a collection of grunge alternates from the original source and additional alternates included (PUA encoded). You’ll find that Pennyroyal Pro contains 1476 characters.

The expanded SmallCaps option for Pennyroyal Pro gives the typestyle a more sophisticated option, while the expansive options like Unicase and Swashes allow for more uniqueness, play, and experimenting far beyond the original typeface inspiration.

Opentype features include:
• A collection of ligatures.
• Smallcaps.
• Full set of Inferiors and Superiors.
• Proportional figures and Oldstyle figure sets.
• Unicase Capitals as Stylistic Alternates.
• Swash Caps & Lowercase alternates.
• Smallcap Swash Caps & Lowercase alternates.
• Grunge Alternates for Capitals.
• Additional Swash Alternates

Tags: 1900s, Distressed, Grunge, Italic, Rustic, Stamped, antiqued, decorative, hand drawn, rough, stamp, vintage, worn

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