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Peleguer Ornaments
Peleguer Ornaments Peleguer Ornaments Peleguer Ornaments Peleguer Ornaments Peleguer Ornaments

About: Peleguer typeface is the reinterpretation of the characters that the valencias goldsmiths Peleguer Manuel, father and son had opened and merged between 1779 and 1783 on behalf of the Royal Economic Society of Friends of the Land of Valencia “in order to create a Factory letters. Then during that time, reached 6 degrees of open letters (small pica, pica, gross pica, text, great primer and double pica).

It appears that the letters never were done, and were themselves Manuel Peleguer who kept the punches and dies, leading to create a foundry-printing which only came out 5 or 6 books or documents for the single year of 1784 . One of these books, “Praise in the solemn funeral service …” made ​​with the degree of “gross pica” samples were selected to take the characters for subsequent drawings on the following parameters for the unity and a contemporary look to the source: Keep the proportions of the original source (but unifying the shapes of the serifs, as these were different according to repose at baseline or in descending order). Match the counterforms and match the fallen traces from the cursive. En short, “catch” the formal essence of the source and following update current typographic design criteria to achieve a source with good legibility and subtle personality.

Tags: Font, Historical, Serif

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