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Odette Odette

About: The Morris Benton 1918 American classic, Announcement Roman, comes to digital life with more pizzazz than it ever had.

Named after the Swan Lake princess, Odette is the ideal choice for titling, poetry, advertising, poster design, and branding anything feminine in nature or target market. The serifs on this elegant typeface were each drawn individually, without resorting to mechanical copy-and-paste methodology. This makes it set like real type, with friendly quirks and curls that sway gently before the eyes. The majuscules have a very slight inclination to the right, that gives the proper type setting a friendlier appearance and a bonding connection with the reader.

A whole range of swashes and alternates are included, and a very comprehensive set of ligatures help the discerning typographer set Odette as near type perfection as one can be.

The Open Type version of Odette comes in two fonts, compatible with both Mac and PC, that include all the right alternates and ligatures in all the right places for the right push-buttons in the right programs.

Tags: 1920s, 1930s, Art Deco, Font, Serif

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