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National Archive National Archive National Archive National Archive National Archive

About: National Archive was inspired by the Declaration of Independence. Every school child learns that it was written by Thomas Jefferson; he was actually only one of several who composed the document. Unknown to most people is the name of Timothy Matlack, the person who most likely took pen and ink to parchment and created the unforgettable visual symbol of our independence. In making the font, I was lucky to have a very clear reproduction of the document. The font preserves the texture of the original; although it is more regularized, it feels more like handwriting than typesetting. Missing characters were hand-drawn with crow quill pen on parchment for best matching. Font includes upper and lowercase, old-style numbers, punctuation, international characters, and a few stylish alternates. The Declaration itself is always worth a fresh read, a timely reminder of our revolution against hereditary despotism and our creation of a homegrown democracy.

Tags: Distressed, Font, Formal Script, Handwritten, Historical

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