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Margot Margot
Margot Margot

About: Like a lovechild of American Typewriter and Cooper Black, typewritten in melted chocolate, this is Margot. A bold single weight display typeface in roman and italic styles, Margot is boisterous but cuddly; warm but impactful.

Margot comes fully loaded with a bunch of esoteric dingbats (grouped in the ornament feature), four figure styles (proportional- and tabular- lining, and proportional- and tabular- oldstyle), a spattering of swash capitals (K, Q and R), stylistic alternates and one discretionary gi ligature in the Roman.

Stylistic alternates are split into stylistic sets thus: SS01 - alternate forms for ampersand and asterisk, and # changes to an attractive numero symbol. SS02 - in the Roman, a and g change to single storey versions; in the italic, the ae digraph changes to a less ambiguous double storey version. SS03 - the lining figure 3 gets changed to its alternate form. SS04 - the lining figure 4 gets changed to its alternate form.

Margot is perfect for friendly headlines, logos, T-shirts (I love New York, perhaps?), food packaging and videogame apps.

Margot gets its name from my equally boisterous and cuddly cat. Enjoy!

Tags: Font, Futuristic, Serif

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