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Luxus Brut Luxus Brut
Luxus Brut Luxus Brut

About: Luxus Brut breathes the spirit of hand lettered signage of the Fifties. It’s a formal script, inspired by a shop in Vienna, Austria. Large and distinctive capital letters (that won't share the baseline with lowercase letters), wide spacing as well as a low x-height make it an excellent choice for posters, magazine headlines, logotypes, branding and any design that requires a touch of luxury and sensuality.

This Open Type font comes equipped with endings, underlining swashes and a powerful contextual alternate feature. When used with OpenType-savvy applications it automatically chooses from three complete sets of capital characters and four sets of lowercase characters, ensuring perfect connections. Luxus Brut covers Western and Eastern European character sets including Baltic, Romanian and Turkish.

Tags: 1940s, 1950s, 1960s, Font, Formal Script, Handwritten, Retro

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