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Loniki Regular
Loniki Regular Loniki Regular Loniki Regular Loniki Regular Loniki Regular

About: “Loniki” is the nickname locals use for their beloved ancient city – Thessaloniki – in Greece. In the city’s archeology museum is an inscription from the 5th century that embodies the blend of cultures that were prevalent there at the time. That inscription, with its rational geometry and sinuous curves, is the basis for the development of Loniki. Its form suggests a stirring mix of masculine and feminine, east and west, classical, byzantine and gothic. It’s a type form that is highly emblematic – not only of late antiquity, but of our own time as well. Available in two styles: Regular and Symbols, Loniki is not only distinctive and beautiful, it is also one of the most versatile display fonts. The large glyph repertoire of Loniki supports 229 languages, including Greek, Polytonic Greek, Coptic, Vietnamese, and a panoply of African languages. And with Loniki, you can readily shift stylistic expression to a remarkable degree simply by selecting from the plentiful discretionary ligatures and stylistic alternates, allowing the cultural mood of the design to change from classical to gothic or blend them as you like. Meanwhile, Loniki Symbols provides more than 140 symbols, devices, and ornaments including astronomical, alchemical, esoterica, vines, Greek keys and meanders. Use Loniki Symbols to extend Loniki’s aesthetic to other elements of your layouts. There is even a set of Futhark runes, lest we forget the Goths.

Tags: Border, Greek, Historical, Symbols, Uppercase, ancient, byzantine, carved, coptic, inscription, keys, ornaments, pattern, semiotics

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