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Franken Jr Pro
Franken Jr Pro Franken Jr Pro Franken Jr Pro Franken Jr Pro Franken Jr Pro

About: Franken Jr. Pro was inspired by the title screen from the 1966 Hanna Barbera cartoon titled, “Frankenstein Jr.” The original titling had a unique presence to it, overflowing with charm and offbeat personality.

The addition of a Small Caps set, Unlimited Fractionals, Superiors & Inferiors, and Ordinals gave a bit more serious, but not too serious) titling stance to the Franken Jr. Pro typestyle.

Franken Jr. Pro truly embodies the comic lettering of its time, and gives designs a lively retro spark.

Tags: 1940s, 1950s, 1960s, Font, Retro, Sans Serif

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Franken Jr Pro

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