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Debacle Bold
Debacle Bold Debacle Bold Debacle Bold Debacle Bold Debacle Bold

About: Debacle is a super bold contrastive display face built upon pure geometric shapes. Sharp, angular lines are countered against obtuse rounded forms creating a striking visual discord. Select inner corners are rounded, giving characters dual attributes, while linear round-end counters simultaneously contrast and compliment the square-ended punctuation and symbols.

Stylistically, Debacle's prominent letterforms effortlessly create type-as-image text settings. It's style relates to the lush display typefaces from the seventies, yet is highly contemporary in it's refinement and finish.

Features include:

Basic Ligature set including 'f' ligatures (ae, oe, fi, fl, ffi, ffl, ff, fh, fj, ft, tt, th, ct, st, la, aj, fa, ls, es, ev, ew, tz, lv, lw, ti, it, ea, kv, ka, ky, yx, xy, yy, km, yw, wy, yv, vy, kw)

Alternate characters (O, Q, _, $, ®, •)

Slashed zero

Full set of numerators/denominators

Automatic fraction feature (supports any fraction combination)

Extended language support (Latin-1 and Latin Extended-A)

*Requires an application with OpenType and/or Unicode support.

Tags: 1960s, 1970s, Contemporary, Font, Groovy, Modern

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