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Casino Hand
Casino Hand Casino Hand Casino Hand Casino Hand Casino Hand

About: Casino Hand is a handwriting font that comes with some exciting new OpenType features*. The font comes with an alternate glyph for every uppercase letter, lowercase letter, numbers and some punctuation. These alternates are extremely easy to use with OpenType doing all of the hard work for you! Plus, you get the cross platform compatibility that OpenType provides.

When the Contextual Ligatures feature of Casino Hand is utilized in your graphics application, the font substitutes a duplicate letter with the alternate glyph for that letter. This automatically makes the font look less like a font and more like real handwriting! Casino Hand also allows you to switch to use the alternate glyphs as the default by using the Stylistic Alternates feature. You can even use the two OpenType features together! This means that you can have duplicate glyph substitution with either the standard letters, or the alternates.

You can also use the Glyph window in the Adobe CS applications to selectively choose characters. You can simply go into the glyph window and replace a letter that you don't like with its alternate.

With Casino Hand, you essentially get two fonts in one, and a handwriting font that is much easier to use than previous designs.

* Contextual Ligatures and Stylistic Alternates require Adobe CS applications. Many more software applications will be supporting these features soon!

Tags: Casual Script, Font, Handwritten

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