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Blambot Classic
Blambot Classic Blambot Classic Blambot Classic

About: Based in part on the hand lettering of Nate Piekos with a smattering of classic 1980’s-era super hero aesthetic thrown in for good measure!

Comes with Regular, Italic and Bold, with a hefty compliment of European characters.

Tags: 1940s, 1950s, 1960s, Font, Handwritten, Retro

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Action Figure BB
After Dark BB
Afterlife BB
Alter Ego BB
Anti Hero Intl BB
Architext BB
Artists Alley BB
Atland BB
AveAve BB
Badaboom Pro BB
Barbrawl BB
Bearded Lady BB
Big Bad Bold BB
Billy The Flying Robot BB
Blambot Casual
Bloody Murder BB
Boogers BB
Braaains BB
Catholic School Girls Intl BB
Clairvoyant BB
Cloudsplitter BB
Clownteeth BB
Cyrano BB
Deadringer BB
Dearly Departed BB
Dominatrix BB
Drawing Board BB
Dungeon Dweller BB
Duty Calls BB
Dwarven Axe BB