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Ahra Regular
Ahra Regular Ahra Regular Ahra Regular

About: Ahra from Magpie Paper Works is an upright, hand-lettered script full of fun calligraphy. This Opentype font was created with a pointed pen & ink, and features a host of special features.

Within Ahra are three sets of capital letters, ranging from simple to quirky to traditional, as well as single-word characters for common titles (Mr., Miss, Dr., etc.) prepositions (to, the, for, etc.) and envelope addressing (blvd., st., etc.). You'll also find simple & automatic end-of-word swashes, old-style numerals and special double-letter ligatures for a true hand-drawn look.

Ahra Hand features decorative word art, all lovingly drawn in a swirling traditional calligraphy style. There are 88 unique greetings, prompts, and phrases, plus an ornate set of numerals 0-9. Ahra Swash includes over fifty unique hand-inked flourishes, borders, corners, swashes and curls. Mix and match for a truly custom look! All were designed to coordniate with the Ahra alphabet, but can be used to enhance other faux-calligraphy fonts.

Tags: Casual Script, Contemporary, Dingbat, Font, Formal Script, Handwritten, Modern

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