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Offroad Cond Family
Offroad Cond Family Offroad Cond Family Offroad Cond Family Offroad Cond Family Offroad Cond Family Offroad Cond Family

About: Geometric typefaces can harken back to and visually tie themselves to so many genres, from constructivist posters, to techno club flyers, to raw industrial era power. The Offroad family finds its origin of inspiration in the O’Neal MX logo for their motocross division, represented in its truest form in the MX styles of this family, and expanded to a type megafamily.

Offroad grabs hold of that unique pseudo-unicase style and runs with it to create a range of widths and weights that are perfect for historical through modern use. It embodies the hardcore motocross rigidity from the limited inspiration of the original logotype and expands to include a full and expansive glyphset, and a comprehensive range of widths and weights, creating a straightforward, uncompromising collection of typefaces that lend a solid foundation and a broad range of expression for designers.

Tags: Constructivist, Eastern Bloc, Font, Industrial, Sans Serif, Soviet, geometric

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