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Nelly Family Complete Nelly Script 3 Fonts | $80.00
Carrotflower Stationary Kit Carrotflower 4 Fonts | $99.00
DeLuxe Gothic and Condensed Family DeLuxe Gothic 4 Fonts | $69.00
Power Station Block PowerStation Block 3 Fonts | $39.00
PowerStation Block Family PowerStation Block 6 Fonts | $59.00
PowerStation Block Wide PowerStation Block Wide 3 Fonts | $39.00
PowerStation Solid and Outline Family PowerStation Solid 4 Fonts | $59.00
PowerStation Solid and Outline Wide PowerStation Solid Wide 2 Fonts | $39.00
PowerStation Solid and Outline PowerStation Solid 2 Fonts | $39.00
PowerStation Wedge Family PowerStation Wedge 6 Fonts | $59.00
PowerStation Wedge PowerStation Wedge 3 Fonts | $39.00
PowerStation Wedge Wide PowerStation Wedge Wide 3 Fonts | $39.00
Clarity Lost Clarity Lost 2 Fonts | $19.95
Luxurian Script Luxurian Classic Italic 7 Fonts | $19.95
Digital Disco Heavy Digital Disco Heavy 6 Fonts | $19.95
Digital Disco Digital Disco Regular 6 Fonts | $19.95
Digital Disco Slim Digital Disco Slim 6 Fonts | $19.95
Astigmatic Volume One Beatnik Blue 14 Fonts | $28.00
Astigmatic Volume Three GhostKid 14 Fonts | $28.00
Astigmatic Volume Four Bank Statement 14 Fonts | $28.00

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Bamboozle Bamboozle 2 Fonts | $29.95
Beachcomber Beachcomber 2 Fonts | $29.95
Blackcat Blackcat 2 Fonts | $49.95
Certified Certified 3 Fonts | $49.95
Creaky Creaky 3 Fonts | $69.95
Goofball Goofball 2 Fonts | $49.95
Savage Hipsters Savage Hipsters 2 Fonts | $29.95
Squidtoonz Squidtoonz 2 Fonts | $49.95
Tim-Brr Tim-Brr 3 Fonts | $29.95
Timber Timber 3 Fonts | $29.95
Zombie Rot Zombie Rot 2 Fonts | $49.95
CynCyn CynCyn 2 Fonts | $29.95
AboutFace AboutFace 2 Fonts | $49.00
Belair Belair 3 Fonts | $74.00
Canette Canette 2 Fonts | $29.00
Cinnamon Regular Cinnamon Regular 2 Fonts | $29.00
Duet II Duet II 4 Fonts | $74.00
Duet Duet 2 Fonts | $29.00
Fete Fete 2 Fonts | $29.00
Loosie Goosie Loosie Goosie 2 Fonts | $49.00
Beachbats Beachbats $29.95
Blackcat Blackcat $29.95
Blackcat Fever Blackcat Fever $29.95
Canned Corn Canned Corn $29.95
Certified Series 1 Certified Series 1 $19.95
Certified Series 3 Certified Series 3 $19.95
Certified Series 2 Certified Series 2 $19.95
Cocktail Shaker Cocktail Shaker $39.00
Coffee Service Coffee Service $39.00
Creaky Creaky $29.95
Creaky Frank Creaky Frank $29.95
Creaky Tiki Creaky Tiki $29.95
Derekbats Derekbats $29.95
Doinkbats Doinkbats $29.95
Doinky Doinky $29.95
Doinky Inline Doinky Inline $29.95
Goofball Goofball $29.95
Goofball Alternate Goofball Alternate $29.95
Moneybats Moneybats $29.95
Motobats Motobats $29.95

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Can I use these fonts with embroidery or vinyl cutters?

We don’t guarantee that our fonts will work with every embroidery or vinyl cutting software or machines – Some users have success and some don’t.

Unfortunately we aren’t able...

How do I use my monogram font?

Monogram fonts may require special key combinations in order to work properly.Each monogram font has a PDF read me file that explains step-by-step how to create the desired monogram look.If you...

How do I install a font on multiple computers?

You can transfer the fonts in the same way you would transfer other types of files between computers.You may use a USB thumb drive, email the files between machines or transfer the files via a...

My computer crashed! Is there any way to get my fonts back without having to buy them again?

Of course! Simply log in to your account to access and re-download any previous order or individual font purchased.

If you purchased from our old site or haven’t yet logged in, here’s...

How to download

After you place an order with Font Bros, you will be presented with a page that contains download links for all fonts ordered. Simply click once on each link and the font download will begin...

How to install For Mac OS X

  1. Locate the file that was downloaded. It will be a compressed file with .zip at the end of the file name that must be expanded before it can be installed. Simply double click the .zip file and the...

How to install for Macintosh OS 9 or earlier

Unfortunately, our default fonts are only offered in OpenType format which is no longer supported on Macintosh OS 9 or earlier Macintosh operating systems. If you require a legacy font format or...

How to install for Windows

Windows 7:

  1. Locate the file that was downloaded. It will be a compressed file with .zip at the end of the file name that must be expanded before it can be installed. Simply right click the .zip file...

What's all this licensing stuff about? I thought I was just buying fonts.

When you buy fonts, you’re not actually buying the fonts at all but rather the license to use the fonts on your computer. With every font or font family you purchase and download, the terms...

How many computers can I install my new fonts on?

At Font Bros, every font purchased is actually licensed to individuals rather computers, devices or locations. Each time you purchase fonts from us, you’ll always be required to define the...

Will these fonts work on my computer? What format are they?

Every single font that we offer at Font Bros is offered in a universal OpenType font format which works on every Macintosh OS X through the latest version AND on every version of Microsoft Windows...

I'm having trouble installing the fonts, what do you suggest?

We’re here to help! Click here to check out our complete guide to downloading and installing our fonts on your computer.

Are there any restrictions on using Font Bros fonts?

Thanks for asking! We’ve compiled a detailed section all about how our licensing works. If you have a question that starts with “Can I use the font to . . .” then read about what...

Can I use the free fonts in a commercial manner?

With every free font that you download from our site, it includes a PDF file from the author which explains what uses are and aren’t permitted. Please refer to this file or contact the author...

I want to buy a font for more users than the site will allow, now what?

While our shopping cart can easily and automatically calculate pricing for on the total number of end users each font is being purchased for, sometimes it makes more sense to discuss your licensing...

Can I use these fonts in a logo?

Yes! Logo usage is allowed under our default license agreement.

Can I use a recently purchased font in an App I'm creating for mobile devices (iOS, Android, Windows)?

By default, our license agreement does not allow you to embed the fonts, outlines from the font, or rasterized images created using the font in to any software including Apps without a license...

Can I use a recently purchased font in a Flash/Web/Facebook/Desktop application I'm creating?

By default, our license agreement does not allow you to embed the fonts, outlines from the font, or rasterized images created using the font in to any software or applications without a license...

I'm creating an eBook, can I use my recently purchased fonts in it?

By default, our license agreement does not allow the use of a font in an eBook or PDF sold or given away for commercial uses without a license upgrade. If you would like us to estimate an eBook...

Do you offer Web Fonts for sale?

Font Bros is currently in development and final testing on our new web font solution for all customers who wish to use web fonts (using @font-face via CSS) to embed on their websites which we...

Foundries: (97 Results)

Fonts by Andreas

Swedish type designer Andreas Lindkvist knows that there are a lot of people producing typefaces these days, but as he remarks, “I think about it like this – No one makes fonts like I...

Alphabet Soup

For most of his career Michael Doret has been well known as a letterforms artist and designer whose work has overlapped the areas of lettering, illustration and graphic design. Although the work...


Outside the Lines type designer Rae Kaiser never intended to design fonts. It just happened that way.

Most of Raes fonts are either hand-lettered like Dearest John and Architectural Lettering or...

Tart Workshop

Lettering artist/illustrator Crystal Kluges charming lettering and designs have graced magazine pages, a multitude of giftware & stationery products, advertising campaigns, logos & store...

Havana Street

Havana Street got their start with a great collection of original 1940s and 1950s retro clip art and stock illustration. Now they bring their unique talents to retro-style fonts!

E-phemera Fonts

E-phemera fonts are meant to revive type from years gone by in a way which captures the feeling of pre-digital printing technology.

Most of the fonts in the collection were first developed for...

Mark Simonson Studio

Mark started out as a graphic designer and illustrator in 1976. During the early part of his career he worked as an art director on a number of magazines and other publications.

Mark was head...


Raymond Brekelmans (1979) was born and raised in eindhoven, The Netherlands. Started with graffiti in the 90’s and interested in typedesign ever since. Founded Fontoville in 2001 and...


Aside from creating original typography for Fontalicious, Ben spends his days designing t-shirts, painting clothes on Playboy centerfolds, and taking glamour shots in the Westlake District of Los...

Chank Co.

The Chank Company is a Minneapolis-based type house and art studio, named for president and CEO Chank Diesel who began making fonts in 1992. Chank Fonts were featured in the Smithsonians...

Harold's Fonts

Harold Lohner was born in upstate New York in 1958. He received an MFA in printmaking from the University at Albany and is Professor of Visual Arts at Sage College of Albany.

He began making fonts...


Originally sold in the 1950s, the Filmotype introduced by its founders Allan and Beatrice Friedman was a simple manually operated photo typesetting machine (the iMac of the 1950s) and it used...

Dear Alison

Dear Alison is the creation of Alison Argento, a travel writer based in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. Although her work dictates that she spend most of her time typing and editing at the computer...

Canada Type

Canada Type is an independent digital type design and development firm based in Toronto. After its humble artistic start with a few retail typefaces and some custom publishing work in early 2004,...

Pink Broccoli

Pink Broccoli is the brainchild of Phil Bracco, a budding graphic designer and graduate of Pratt Institute. He has always been attracted to playful type designs which lend themselves nicely toward...

Monogram Fonts Co.

Monogram Fonts Co. is a product of type designer, Brian J. Bonislawsky, known for his involvement in the Astigmatic One Eye Typographic Institute.

In looking ahead and planning his wedding to his...

BluHead Studio

BluHead Studio LLC was founded in 2005 by 3 seasoned designers, Steve Zafarana, Jim Lyles and Sue Zafarana with the goal to provide high quality original typefaces and design services. The company...

Laura Worthington

An accomplished and award-winning typeface and lettering designer, my passion for the craft, devotion to precision as I refine my creations along with my desire to provide designers with type thats...

Correspondence Ink

Correspondence Ink is the partnership of font guru Brian Bonislawsky Astigmatic and Deb Sementelli. Debi has a romance with letters. She can easily get entranced with the curve of a C or the...

Haley Fiege