Outside the Line’s type designer Rae Kaiser never intended to design fonts. It just happened that way.

Most of Rae’s fonts are either hand-lettered like Dearest John and Architectural Lettering or hand drawn doodles like Party Doodles with a few dingbat fonts like Fleurons of Paris or Home Sweet Home Dingbats.

Rae says, “It is the perfect job. I get to wander around in my pjs thinking creative thoughts and making fonts. I am good with type. Love type, am fascinated with type. So I make fonts.”


Holiday Doodle Gift Pack
Hearts A Flutter Family
Sincerely Yourz
Plz Script
Plz Print
Party Doodles Too

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Dearest John
Wedding Doodles
Wedding Doodles Too
Yoga Studio

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Yourz Truly
Food Doodles

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Hearts and Swirls
Paisley and Swirl Doodles
Party Doodles
Ad Words
Diva Doodles Too
Doodles Too
Fleurons of Paris

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Fondly Yourz
Food Doodles Too

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Frames and Borders

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Frames and Borders Too
Fruit and Veggie Doodles
Diva Doodles
Curly Q
Architectural Lettering
Architectural Lettering Bold
Baby Doodles
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